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How SEO can benefit musicians

Search engine optimization (SEO) brings forward a digital content to the first pages of top search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the top three search engines that have significant visitors. Probably SEO is strongly associated with start-ups or online business which sells goods to get profit. And the sole purpose of it is to gain as many potential buyers as possible. But indie-musician can benefit from SEO as well.


SEO increases your audience reach

branding101A musician must be well aware of his branding. It is not only about the stage name, or band’s name, but branding also needs to cover albums and song-titles that need marketing boost. SEO can give the most advantage if a musician knows which brand of his/her works needs to get prioritized. For example, a newcomer pop musician has just released an independent album. The first thing he/she needs to focus on is increasing the audience reach by making his album title well known, which is to appear on the first pages of search engines whenever a person types the keyword ‘pop music.’


There are two types of SEO, organic search, and paid search. A musician needs to make their works appear on the first pages of organic search. However, this goal is a long-term project. Keyword ‘pop music’ has many competitors, and artists that show up on organic search are all celebrity musicians, like Carlie Puth, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, and Camila Cabello. For paid search, a commonly used keyword like ‘pop music’ is not possible to beat in just one night. The optimization effort is also going to be expensive.


However, if going more specific and localized, for example, using keywords ‘South Carolina Pop music’ (if you are a musician coming from that region), the chance for people to find you will increase, compared to using frequently used keywords.


SEO boost your social media marketing

For musicians, SEO should function as the fuel instead of the engine. It should be employed as an integral part of social media marketing.


Your music needs to get published in magazines, discussed in radios, broadcasted in podcasts, and promoted using Facebook, Instagram, ReverbNation, and Youtube, before the search engine optimization can give you a direct advantage. St Petersburg SEO service offers expert opinion related to the SEO strategy. SEO for musician works the best if mixed with social media marketing, and the efficiency of them relies strongly on the strategy and preparation.


Analytics enables you to assess your music

SEO02Working with music label often gives unreliable data of how your audience likes your music. Label tends to direct a musician to create music that is within the safe marketing spectrum. With analytics from SEO, you can get a direct result of how audiences perceive your experimental project.


Combined with digital audio platforms, like SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, or ReverbNation, you can see which of your songs has the chance to hit the top 10.…