Tips On Buying Drywall Screws

Tips On Buying Drywall Screws

Tips On Buying Drywall Screws

For those individuals who have old houses, you will realize that at some point, your walls will start developing some mysterious circular bumps, then you should know that you have what is commonly referred to as nail-pops. In times gone, dry walls, which are also referred to as wallboards, were put together by nails which were short and wide headed.

While these nails are still around and they can be used still, the development of drywall screws has completely changed and improved the standards of the methods that are used in attaching drywalls. The attachment is now much improved as the studs attach precisely and they never pop up anymore. Read more on this here So how do you make sure that you purchase a dry wall screw that will serve the purpose it is meant to effectively? Here are some factors that you need to take into consideration.

Why use drywall screws


To start with, we can define a drywall screw as a helical drive that is used in the process of attaching two pieces of whatever you may wish by simply attaching them. As opposed to when one is using nails, the drywall screws can be removed, and they can also be reused with absolute ease. Most of these screws are made of steel, aluminum or brass, but it is also possible that you will encounter some special drywall screws that are made of casts of nylon and plastics. Take the following into consideration when purchasing them:

Type of drywall screw you require

You will realize that most drywall screws will typically take the name of the type of head that is used when driving it.
Some of the most common types of drywall screws include:

Those that have a slotted head

This is usually used in making simple joints, for instance when one is attaching faceplates to an electrical outlet.

Phillips head

These are mostly used on appliances, hinges, and machines or other hardware.

Multi heads

These particular ones are used in building and machine industries since they are more effective and a power drill delivers them. They are not very common, but they are usually used on consumer products to ensure that they are not disassembled on the way. Here one is advised to choose the particular drywall screw that will serve their function properly.


Another very important factor that you should put into consideration when choosing drywall screw is their size. Take into consideration their length and size in inches plus thread gauge to ensure that you select a screw that will properly fit the intended purpose. If you will be using them on wood, select the type of screws that have threads that are further apart, this is very important as it will allow the drywall screw to eat into the wood and not just act like a drill bit to ensure that the joint is properly secured.

Consider the screwing surface

lsdjanvlnlskadnvlksnaldkvlkasndvlksandvsadasvdIt is very important also to take into consideration the place that you will be screwing into, as other drywall screws are meant for. Also, consider the thickness of the surface.